Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Day 1940 - Pickin and Gardening?

Greetings, Bloggy Pickers and Grinners!

I couldn't find just the right photo for the blog, but you'll like this story.

I was driving home last night, and it was still light out. It had rained earlier, and was pleasantly comfortable afterwards, temps in the 80's. A really pretty evening.

As I drove, I passed the horses in the corner, and the color coordinated fence and cattle.

Then all of a sudden I passed a house, and saw a little girl playing in the yard. Her father was outside with her, keeping her company by playing a banjo. Really, it was so sweet!

Dad was playing away on the banjo and strolling around, while his little girl enjoyed her little games.

It made me smile to see it.

I LOVE That!!!! :)
That must be the Nashville influence! Lucky little girl!

I just looked at yesterday's comments and had to laugh--it's vendor, Heather!
Nice! Very sweet and summery and heartfelt. Memorable.
lol! Just making sure YOU knew that, Grammy!! Hahaha!!! I got a surprise today! Marcia sent me one of her awesome pillows! I love it love it love it!!!!!! :)
Heather - Happy Relay for Life tomorrow!!! xxxx
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