Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Day 1933 - Savi, the Bird Tamer!

Greetings, Bloggy Bird Lovers-

Here's Savi again at the animal park, taming a "wild" bird (is this a kind of parakeet?) that has obviously been dipped in neon dye so it can't get lost.

She's so brave, and I'm just so impressed with her love of animals, just like her MOMMY!

So... How does Savi feel this year about Insects?

The cicadas are disappearing, but one Dad at the outdoor pool said his daughter loved to PLAY with them. Ha!

She was chasing the ones that had fallen into the pool and using them as her pool toys. I guess she'll miss them more than I will...

TTFN and have a nice Wednesday!

My basement apartment is nice and cool! Lucky me!

The camel was very big, and she was very brave.

I bought some nice clothes for concerts. Had to do it, happy to have them, now. Gotta spend some money sometimes, for nice clothes. My hubby (I won't mention his name on the blog) is really great at fashion, did you know that? I asked his advice about everything, and he stayed and helped me. He's always been great at picking out clothes for his daughters. What a guy! The ladies who worked at the store brought him a chair. I bought a beautiful jacket and matching shirt that are yellow and black, and a black very drapey jacket along with a black sleeveless shirt with it, and a white shirt that's tailored looking to wear by itself, and a white jacket that I can wear over something or by itself, I also bought a black shirt that seemed to shrink when I bought it, but they said I needed to press it, and they were able to bring it back to shape again when I brought it back to the store. Things that are dry clean only are a problem sometimes when you hand wash them, and you need to press them.
Hi and bye! Today was a busy day. Savi had a dr's visit. She's doing GREAT! She also got a shot and barely cried. Brave girl! Then I went to the gym, came home and made a tutu, then had a job interview. Wasn't impressed with the place so I'm opting to accept a position that I declined a week ago. (they called me back and upped their offer!!) Starting Monday, I'd assume, I will be at Center for OBGYN working as a secretary. (with several old friends from OBGYN! weeee!!)
Sounds great, Heather!!! I'm especially happy you will know some people there. Hooray!!!!

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