Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Day 1932 - Introducing Savi of Arabia!

Greetings, Bloggy Travelers-

Here is Miss Savi, taking the desert (or a wild animal park) by storm.

Camels would feel just fine around here, it's supposed to be 97 today and we have had the hottest June so far on record. EVER.

I put anything important that I want to leave in the car in a COOLER with blue ice during the day, otherwise my swimwear and aqua shoes could MELT in the heat of the car.

But back to camelage - what I want to know is...

How did Savi get ON that thing?

Did they have a set of stairs for the children to climb that rolls away again? I think I saw that type of contraption at the Renaissance Festival.

I'm so proud of her, she is the bravest 3 year old ever.

TTFN and 'Water for Elephants AND Camelage'!

Haha! My baby girl! She SO wanted to do this last year, but they wouldn't let her because she hadn't turned 3 yet!! You get onto the beast similar to any other carnival ride. There is a ramp leading to a small deck. they lead the camel up to the deck and lift your child on. Sometimes the parents ride too, but Savi wanted to do it herself. She wanted to do it AGAIN too, but it was $5 in tickets per ride! (and they only went around the ring ONCE. cheap-o's!) Someone said they do elephants sometimes too...we haven't seen that, but I'm sure Savi will be first in line if they do!
Oh, and after 2+ months of constant harassment and abuse, I have finally quit my job. I have a job offer already, and an interview tomorrow, so I won't be jobless for long!!! :)
I can't believe Savi riding on a camel!! How brave she is!

This is my first day back on the blog here in WI. Having such a great time. Emily's graduation was very nice, and the party at the house afterwards had lots of food and about 45-50 guests over the course of a couple of hours. Thank you, thank you all family who read this for your cards and checks!

It is 100 degrees today so we are hanging around the house in central air conditioning. Tomorrow morning we are going to tour a cheese factory, and yesterday went to a miniature horse farm that has about 70 horses. We couldn't see them up close, as the fields were extensive, but it was still worth going there.

Heather, sounds like a good decision, and glad another job is available!
Go Heather! Get something you can be happy with, or if not, at least something different! xxx
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