Sunday, June 05, 2011


Day 1930 - Cicada Plague Update

Greetings, Rubber Baby Bloggy Bumpers! (get it?)

Here's a great photo of a cicada, I took this one off the web. Thanks, Web! They are BIG.

Yesterday I opened up the cooler that I keep in the back of the car to replace the blue ice, and there was a dead cicada bug in there.

My windshield is gross - splash marks all over it from little cicada bombs going off when I drive.

I was right next to another car yesterday, and their windshield looked exactly like mine. That means I didn't feel so guilty about driving around with guts all over the glass.

I think the plague is calming down - I don't think they're quite as loud or prevalent, and there are carcasses everywhere. A few more weeks and they will be gone for another 13 years. We have some other variety (maybe 8 year ones?) that will visit in between.

TTFN and that's it for the bug update!

Ew. Yuk. Gross. Bzz.
Remind me...I wanna come visit in 13 years for the next one!! haha!

Went to Southwick zoo today with Savi and Mike. Savi rode a camel and got to hold a little bird..and of course fed the goats and the deer. Fun time!!
Heather - send me a 'large' version of the camel picture, I want it for the blog!

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