Sunday, May 22, 2011


Day 1916 - The Cicada Plague is HERE...

Greetings, Blogregation!

The thirteen year plague is in full swing, meaning the thirteen year cicada hatch is becoming obvious.

Charlie, bloggy reporter and photographer, took these photos yesterday.

The first photo shows PILES (literally) of cicada 'exoskeletons' that are everywhere.

The second photo shows a before and after picture. The exoskeleton is shed when the larva (larvae?) grow into adults, and the adult cicada is shown.

Aren't they beautiful? They have big, googly red eyes!

I can hear their raspy whirring/singing outdoors even with the car windows closed. Quite a few are in the air, and I have hit a bunch while driving.
Oops, sorry, little plague buglets.

Have a safe and peaceful Sunday, everyone!

Yuk! Gross!
Ditto, Marcia!
Aww, poor little guys! I wish I could see the nasty cicada plague in person!! Creepy :)
Do they do any damage or are they just noisy?
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