Saturday, May 21, 2011


Day 1915 - It's so Bad, it's Good!

Greetings, Bloggy Boys and Ghouls!

I listened to a cheapo CD yesterday on the way to and from work, but this one made me laugh.

It was a 'Halloween scary sounds' CD (not this cover though).

With just ONE track containing minute after minute of screaming, howling, chains clanking, animal and bug noises, and my favorite - some disgusting chewing and swallowing sounds.

I even enjoyed it, in a gruesome kind of way.

Heather, I'll send it to you for your Halloween party this fall! It cost a dollar.

TTFN and the moral of the story is that once in a while, a cheapo CD is worth a laugh or two.

That's funny, your listening to a Halloween CD. Scream! Moan! Spooky sounds! Crash, clank! At least it was something different!
That's great, Mamma! Only YOU would be listening to Halloween spooky sounds in it!
Karen, what will you come up with next? Never a dull moment for you! I came home for 3 hrs, then going back to the Relay for Life--it got cold after a long downpour. I want to be there tonight for the luminaria part where the names to be honored are read while the track is lighted with translucent bags with a lighted candle in each bag. My first time attending-I raised $110.
I forgot to say, I'm only staying tonight until 10pm. I'm not one of those walk all night people!
Grammy, that is AWESOME! Mom, I guess this is why I thought YOU were in the Relay for Life...I must have seen a post by YOU Grammy and read it as 'MOM'... My relay is coming up next month...can't wait!!! And I have a luminaria to light there for you and for Mom!! (Purchased by Lyn! xoxo)
Thanks, everyone! xxx
Sometimes you just have to make your own entertainment--right Karen?
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