Monday, May 16, 2011


Day 1910 - My Flaws are Fabulous? NOT!

Greetings, Monday Morning Blah-gers!

I heard a 'Dove Chocolate' commercial yesterday. They have little sayings, similar to fortune cookies written on the inside wrapper of some of their chocolates.

One of them is 'My flaws are fabulous', which I guess is supposed to make you feel good about yourself even when you are stuffing your face with chocolate. Ha!

My flaws are NOT fabulous...

I interrupt. I'm critical. I can be obsessive and perfectionistic. My closets are a mess. My kitchen floor is clean today (yes, I cleaned it yesterday), but won't be tomorrow. I often hang clothing on the hanger inside out. I shop too much. I'm addicted to bread.

There... I feel better... how about YOU? Any FLAWS you want to confess?

Hi All, I didn't get on the blog yesterday, and when I tried to read the comments, my computer froze up. So I'm commenting on today's blog. Sorry Karen, too many flaws to list here! Just kidding. I'm in pretty good shape, but Gil might have different ideas!

Wow, yesterday's photo of Savi with tutu, very cute! Good work, Heather!
I DO have too many flaws to list, but I'm ok with that. Who wants perfection anyway? It's too boring. LOL!

Hope everyone had a good monday! The mean doctor got stuck in California so I had a GREAT monday! ha!
No flaws here, LOL. Yes, I do have them and some are similar to yours Karen. And my closets are even more of a mess with all of the great stuff you've sent!
I don't think you interrupt :)
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