Sunday, May 15, 2011


Day 1909 - Survivor Finale Tonight!

Greetings, Blogregation!

Here's Savi, modeling one of Heather's latest tutu creations, the 'princess dress'.

TOO-TOO (get it) adorable! I love it!

I managed to get a couple of loads of laundry done yesterday, and water aerobics, and grocery shopping.

I have been working on some music playlists that I can burn to CD. I am enjoying the one I did of 'Doo Wop' music from the 50's. I have a lot of CDs, and probably like two or three songs on every one of them. I need to save off my favorites and put them together. Speaking of having a lot of CDs, I can't find one of my CD cases, so I am missing some CDs.

My kitchen floor is pitiful, I hope I get motivated enough to attack it today. It's not just the floor, that's the last step. I need to pick up the rugs and shake them out or wash them, move the chairs, sweep everything, then wash the floor. Not my favorite activity.

Anyway - don't forget, the Survivor Finale is tonight, we'll be watching!

isn't she a HAM?? haha!! Today is rainy and cold, so not much planned. We DO need to take a ride to Lakeville to drop off some tutus, but that's it!! The rest of the day will be a relaxing, crafting day. Maybe even a NAP day?! oooh I wish. Good luck with that floor!
Dreary and drizzly here today, 54 degrees. Brrr! Heather, hope you get your nap in. xxxx
For some reason, it's hot here today!
I DID get my nap in. I got really crampy during my Lakeville ride...felt AWFUL. That lovely time :) Mike took Savi for a few hours so I could sleep. Feeling MUCH BETTER!
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