Monday, May 09, 2011


Day 1903 - Rainbow Monday!

Greetings, Monday Morning Blah-gers!

Did everyone have a nice Mother's Day Weekend? I did! We enjoyed the movie 'Thor', and our bucket of popcorn.

Happy Birthday today to TWO of my aunts- Nancy and Mary Ann! Can you believe two sisters who are NOT twins have the same birthday?

I have a cute story to tell from (believe it or not) America's Funniest Home Video show.

The video was of a little girl's conversation as she left a message on her grandmother's answering machine. She was looking out the window at a huge rainbow that appeared to 'end' at her grandmothers house.

She said, breathless - "Mimi, there’s a rainbow hitting your house! I can see it! I think you have the treasure… So when you get home, look around for it and call me back. Ok. Bye."

It was really adorable.

Have a nice Monday, and keep an eye out for that treasure at the end of the rainbow!

Happy Birthday Aunt Nancy and Aunt Mary Ann!! Love you both!! That was a really cute story!! I love the things kids say :)
Have you gotten the word yet that Margaret had a baby girl, Charlotte, yesterday, May 8th! All is well!
Thanks for letting us know, Mom! xxx
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