Saturday, May 07, 2011


Day 1901 - Cupcakes, anyone?

Greetings, Bloggy Bakers-

I must be on a food kick lately because I keep writing about FOOD!

Speaking of food, Charlie made dinner last night - a frittata, which is like a quiche without any crust. It was D-lish. Thanks, Charlie!

I was just watching a Food Network show (go figure!) about a lady that makes savory cupcakes (like spicy cornmeal and sour cream and onion) and tops them with things like barbeque, grilled shrimp, and deviled eggs with caviar.

That is a great idea!

A lot of people don't cook nowadays, but some Mexican corn muffins stuffed with pulled pork or chili sound awesome to me.

Charlie and I are going to a wedding this afternoon, it will be fun to get dressed up for a change. I picked out my outfit yesterday so I wouldn't be paralyzed by indecision today!

TTFN and have a great Saturday. And in case you don't see Sunday's blog, Happy Mothers Day tomorrow to all the Moms out there!

Good morning! Starting my day early-mani/pedi and then shopping for fruit, cheese, baguette, cupcakes for visit by friend Rosalinda recovering from cancer, and her mother and sister, and Doug arrives this afternoon for a week.

Watching Memphis flooding--thinking if we decided to do Nashville/Memphis this year we'd be flooded AGAIN! Maybe we should think of a different time of year!

Karen send a photo of you in your wedding finery!
I agree with Aunt Nancy, hope we can see a photo of you in today's outfit. And Karen, you are our Julia Child. Don't change!

Yes, Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is a Mother, or a Mother surrogate, or a Mother Superior, etc, etc!
Happy Mother's Day EVE! No idea what I'll do tomorrow, but it will involve hanging out with my Savi! We spent today at my friend Page's house. Page's hubby babysat ALL the girls while Page and I went out shopping for crafty stuff. :) Yay! Then we made some jewelry, ate lots of awesome food and lounged around. Good day :)
Mamma, the box came and both Savi and I LOVED everything!! Thank you so much!!! xoxoxo
Hi Everyone! We just got home from the wedding, we had a great time.

Heather, I'm glad the box arrived and you like everything! xxx
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