Sunday, April 24, 2011


Day 1888 - Happy Easter!

Greetings, Bloggy Peeps! (get it?)

I never liked marshmallow peeps as much as some people seem to.

I also don't like jellybeans very much, and until they came out with better jellybean flavors, I didn't like jellybeans at all.

My doctor mentioned last week that she had decided to purchase and wear an Easter bonnet this year. I think that's great!

When I was a kid, we would wear little white straw hats with black velvet ribbons around them, white gloves, and patent leather shoes. How fancy can you get?

TTFN and have a wonderful Easter!

Happy Easter! Savi is back in bed with her white kitty the easter bunny brought (it meows and walks when you pet its back) and she's watching easter max and ruby, also from her basket. She has also eaten a chocolate bunny and is now polishing off a few jelly beans. No peeps though :). Off to the movie later! Everyone enjoy your day!!
Happy Easter to all!

Yes, I remember those cute little outfits, Karen. 3 little girls all dressed alike, and then a long came Dave who had to have a different wardrobe!

I can just picture Savi with her white kitty thanks to the Easter bunny!
Well, seems the Easter bunny also brought warm weather! Scratch the movie, it's going to be 70 today! We are hitting the zoo!!!
Have a wonderful Easter, family and friends! xxx
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