Thursday, April 21, 2011


Day 1885 - It's like Thunder, Lightning...

Greetings, Bloggy Storm Chasers!

We've had a lot of thunderstorms the last few days, and last night I drove home in one.

We haven't lost power though, thankfully.

An apartment building in Nashville that was under construction got struck by lightning and burned down.

When I first met Charlie, he astonished me when he said 'It's fixin' to come a thunderclap!'

My response- 'It's FIXING to come a thunderclap?? Could you diagram that sentence, please?'

No thunderstorms here, but we have had them recently. I had a really busy, confusing day at the psych office today. Not fun trying to learn a new job all alone!

Savi took her Easter $$ from Grandma Gigi and Grammy Peggy and bought a GUITAR! She loves it. I'll have to get pictures.

In other news, Jen got her license and is picking up her new car Saturday!!! Unbelievable. :)
Great news, Heather! xxxx
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