Sunday, April 10, 2011


Day 1874 - Hotter than Florida!

Greetings, Bloggy Landlubbers!

It's my last day of vacation, BOO HOO! It's back to work tomorrow.

Nashville set a record high of 91 degrees yesterday - that was hotter weather than we had in Florida!

We had the air conditioning cranking for sure, even in the car.

But back to our Florida trip:

We went to Jolee Island one day, where they have nature trails and a Pirate theme.

Another time we were there (several years ago or longer), I thought I saw a nesting sea turtle in the sand on Jolee Island.

Patiently, carefully, I snuck up, closer and closer, taking pictures the whole way. Step by step, closer and closer, until I could see...

That it was DRIFTWOOD I was sneaking up on. Talk about wasted effort!

Hope you have some summertime weather in APRIL where you are. TTFN!

Happy Sunday! We had a nice day in Rehoboth with Page and her girls. It wasn't nearly as warm here as expected...pretty chilly actually. We spent quite a bit of time shivering outside while the girls played. Why don't kids ever get cold???

I love all your pics from your trip, Mamma!!
First you are freezing, then boiling hot in TN! We actually had 2 fairly warm days, 61 yesterday and 68 today. The snow is melting faster now, grass around the houses and less snow on the fields.

Heather, glad you had a good Sunday with your friend, Page. I can just picture Savi enjoying her girls' company.
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