Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Day 1785 - Talk about LUCK!

Greetings, Bloggy Bargain Hunters -

I have to tell you this story. I don't know if you'll believe me or not, but Charlie can confirm it!

The 19" color TV that we have in the master bedroom (that we've had for 10 years or so) has been on the blink - literally. It will stay on for a little while, then cut off. We never know how long it will stay on.

This past Saturday was 'half off everything in the store' day at Goodwill, so I went to look for a replacement TV.

I found one - a 19" Smart-Series Philips Magnavox color TV with a better picture than the one we had, which was an inexpensive 'Symphonic'. One huge drawback- no remote. I really argued with myself on whether to get it because the remote was missing. I bought it anyway - with the half off, it was only $10 plus tax, but I didn't like wondering where we would get a remote for it.

At home, Charlie discovered that the 'power on' button hardly worked, making a remote even more important. He found one online for $30, and I saw one on eBay for $10. I didn't like either one of those prices, and set off again that afternoon to a different Goodwill store.

Would you believe that I dug through their basket of miscellaneous remotes and found the perfect remote for that television (it was even a Smart Series remote). So for half of the sticker price on the remote, which was 99 CENTS, making a grand total of $10.50 plus tax, we now have a replacement television with remote control that is better than the original.

Go Goodwill! What are the odds that I would find just the right remote for that TV, the same day, at a DIFFERENT location? Unbelievable!!

What, no flat-screen? I tried to find a replacement TV and couldn't find anything but flat-screens anywhere. You were lucky to find it.
Wow, Karen, 4-5" of snow, and are you home today? We're supposed to get some snow tomorrow, anywhere from 6 to 10"--we'll see! This afternoon we're going to Auburn to have our oil changed and will probably eat at Appleby's.

That's sounds like a great TV for $10.50!
I worked from home till lunch, then went to work for the afternoon so I could swim after work.
Correction--the name of the restaurant is spelled Applebee's, and yes we had a nice dinner.

Karen, I'm so glad you can move around on your roads. We'll keep you posted tomorrow about Prov and Maine roads!
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