Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Day 1778 - Let there be light!

Greetings, Bloggy Lighten-uppers:

You might think I want to talk about Christmas lights - but NO! I am ready to give that a rest.

I want to say that yesterday I really noticed that the days are getting longer, hooray! It is lighter earlier in the mornings and lighter in my evening commute.

That means that spring will be on the way soon...uh...in a couple more months anyway.

I think this December has been the coldest December in Nashville since 1942. I did hear them say on the news that practically the entire month was below normal. I need to check the heating degree days for this December and compare it to last years total, to help us see if our new thermal windows are helping.

In the meantime - come on, springtime! Let there be light!

We've had record cold in SF too. 39 overnight one time and some early morning hours in the 40's. Guess it will acclimate me for my move to Maine.

I'm surprised at how quickly it seemed to get dark later.
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