Monday, December 27, 2010


Day 1770 - Back to work, unless you're in a blizzard!

Greetings, Monday Morning Snowbirds!

Mom, Marcia and Heather - how much snow did you get in New England?

Inquiring readers want to know!

It's back to work today for most of us - except for those taking this week off.

I actually have a busy work week planned, but might pop out during my lunch hours this week to look at the Christmas clearance sales.

I want (change that to need if you want to) a jersey knit sheet set, and a new bedspread set. Any suggestions?

Here's a spectacular photo from our trip to Gatlinburg last February. There was SOOO much snow. Snow is lovely to look at but no fun if you have to drive anywhere.

TTFN and be careful in the snow!

Our snow turned to rain, and the roads are clear! We got a couple inches, I guess, that added to the snow already on the ground. But it's nothing compared to Boston, etc.

Someone wrote on my facebook page "What would be your reaction if Marcia took drugs". And then Emily commented on it. I don't know how it got there, but I commented myself and said please don't do this on my wall. It feels like someone left doo doo on my wall.
Marcia, that is from a bogus facebook application that lots of the younger kids play with. It asks different questions about random people on your friends list and asks you to answer them. It could have asked anything about anyone. I hate them too but I try to ignore them. If you have a ton of people on your friends list, you will see those and a million 'farmville' messages on a regular basis. It's annoying.

We have gotten a bunch of snow, but not as much as I thought we were going to get. Maybe 8 inches? I expected over a foot...but we are still expected to get a couple more before it's over.
We had between 6 and 8" of snow. Sometimes it's hard to tell because of the drifting snow. A lot of wind this afternoon. Along the coast and other parts of Maine had more. We were surprised there wasn't more. But I'll take it.

I saw the Dr. today for my cold, now a week old. Just a "wellness visit". No infections--it just has to run its course. Good!

Do you still have snow on the ground, Karen?
I got one of those questionnaire things on mine too, Marcia.

I'll let you know if/when I figure out how to get rid of it!

We have just a little snow left on the ground today. It is 24 degrees. Brrr.....
Hi Marcia - to block 'Social Interview', or any of the other apps, you just go to the right hand corner of the post.

You'll see an X.

Click on the X and one of the options will be to Block Social Interview. You don't want to block the person, just the app. It will ask if you are sure, say yes.
Marcia, this is the reason some people won't go on Facebook (a good friend of mine for example). But for me, the contact with Eric and family, and many nieces and nephews, outweighs the negative parts.

Karen, thanks for the info. I think I did that before for Farmville on the computer, and did more just now. But, my iphone FB has some of these and there is no "x". I'll have to figure that out.
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