Saturday, December 25, 2010


Day 1768 - Merry Christmas, Let's Eat!

Greetings, Bloggy Christmas Present Openers -

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Did Santa come to your house last night? He came here too!

Here's Santa, doing his Christmas yoga. You've heard of Christmas yoga, haven't you? Maybe I made it up.

Yesterday, as we were exercising in the pool, I said to Charlie 'My new mantra is YUM....YUM....YUM....'.

That made me imagine Santa doing yoga and meditating.

Lo and behold, I found a photo on the web of 'Santa Yoga'. If you think of it, someone else probably has too.

Our friends TY and SY are coming for dinner, they'll be here at noontime.

We are having appetizers and chips 'n dip, then a beef tenderloin roast with gravy, my sister Lyn's cranberry bread (that I froze after Thanksgiving), sweet potato casserole, green beans, pearl onions, and SY's pecan pie for dessert.

I hope everyone who reads the blog has the best Christmas EVER! TTFN!

We have a White Christmas, Hooray! xxx
Hohoho! We have had a nice morning so far. Savi woke up and went straight for the xmas tree...This is the first year she was really excited about all the presents she saw there!! I was excited too =) She loved her gifts and is trying to play with all of them all at the same time.
I made breakfast for us and later we will go to Lyns. Can't wait!!
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