Saturday, December 18, 2010


Day 1761 - Christmas Tree - Revisited

Greetings, Bloggy Christmas Tree Scrutinizers!

I've added more ornaments to the tree, so I went ahead and took another photo.

I hadn't put my cross-stitch ornaments on yet because I hadn't pulled the tin out of the bottom of my ornament box, and I added a few others.

No, I didn't do the cross stitch ornaments, I bought them at a craft fair one year (or two) for a dollar each, if I remember correctly.

It was well worth a dollar for a handmade cross-stitched picture! I have Santas, a dog, a doll, a Christmas tree, a stocking, a wreath, etc.

Click on the photo to look at the closeup. You can see that I have very few of the same ornaments, I have lots of different ones.

I have lots of ornaments that I didn't even put on the tree this year - I have red and gold apples, birds, pine cones, and bows, to name a few. I guess I need an additional TREE - don't I? Ha!

TTFN and happy decorating!

It looks very full and pretty, and I like the colors. Very nice.
It'll take me some time to really look at your fabulous tree! Not today, I'm writing cards!
Savi did great at dance class today! She was pretty much the ONLY one who followed the teacher the whole time. Everyone else was crazy..probably because xmas is only a week away! They brought in a huge blow up slide/bouncer for the kids to use at gym time. Savi loved it and had a great time. Sad that there wont be another class until after the new year since Xmas and New Year's Day are both on Saturday.....bummer.
I feel that way about my water aerobics classes - my favorite ones are on Saturday, and the next two Saturdays are holidays!

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