Sunday, December 05, 2010


Day 1748 - It's SUN day but it's freezing!

Greetings, Blogregation!

It's cold and wintry this weekend - seemed like a good time for a sunny, cute photo of Savannah sporting a summer tie dye outfit.

Aunt Nancy - did you give her this one?

Yesterday it drizzled all day, getting colder and windier as the day progressed.

We had a nice day though, shopping in Mennonite Country at Muddy Pond, then going to the tack and leather shop next door to the country store.

Charlie bought a new belt that was cut to length, and the lady at the desk then custom punched the belt loop holes in to fit him perfectly. Pretty cool, eh?

I've got to finish getting ready for Early Christmas in New England next weekend, I leave on Friday morning. Charlie already mailed a 17 pound box of books ahead of me.

TTFN and have a nice Sunday!

Happy Sunday! I already can't wait for nap time...ha! We just got back from the market. Savi had hot chocolate for the first time. She ate all the marshmallows and gave me the hot chocolate. lol. So NOW she has a small cup of Marshmallows only. I'll try hot chocolate again someday..
yesterday we had dance class, which was even better than the last one. Savi is doing great and loves it SO MUCH! I wish it was more than once a week, though.
After some errands and a nap, we went to Slater Park for their little Christmas lights display. We watched some local dance studio kids dance some short routines..savi really liked that. Then we went on the carousel...twice. I've never been on their carousel. The horses don't move but it spins REALLY fast. I thought I was gonna die after the first ride, but by the second i was SURE of it. I went right to bed when we got home. I'm old. HA
It SNOWED today - just flurries with a scant accumulation here and there.

It is 36 degrees and falling. Charlie built a fire in the fireplace for the first time this season!
Hey! What happened to my picture of Savi?
Love the dance class and hot chocolate stories!
The photo is here--yes I did give that dress to Savi. I thought kids loved hot chocolate. Maybe when they are older.

I've been buying baby stuff, for Liam and his 6 mo old cousin Garret--at Christmas we'll be in Las Vegas with Alyssa's mom who is taking care of Garrett while his parents are stationed in Korea (Army) Alyssa's mom, dad and stepdad were all in the military. Can't wait to see my adorable grandson!
I'm jealous! I want to see him! He IS so stinkin cute!

Mom, we are expecting flurries tomorrow...woohoo!
We're supposed to get snow tomorrow, but then that is not surprising, but snow in TN is! Heather you are so busy on the weekend, but it sounds like Savi is having a great time! As to Slater Park--even when I was young I would have gotten dizzy on a fast carousel!

Can't wait for this weekend!
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