Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Day 1038 - It's POSTING 1000 day!

Greetings, Bloggy Centurians!

Today is day 1038, but this is my 1000th blog posting.

Can you believe my little fingers have bothered to LOG IN 1000 times?

ONE THOUSAND... that's a lot, doncha think?

Savannah's coming closer for another look. Hi Savannah! This is the cutest picture!

(actually, every picture is 'the cutest' in its own way)

I got trapped in mall traffic yesterday trying to go home. I'll be glad when THAT is over, but it won't be until after the 'after Christmas clearance' season has passed.

So - where am I in my holiday planning? I still have presents to wrap, I still have groceries to buy, and I'm not quite sure where I hid one of Charlie's stocking stuffers.

That reminds me of the story my manager told me yesterday about taking inventory of presents...

She said to her husband 'Where is the shirt we ordered for our son?'

They scoured the house, and couldn't find the shirt. They finally went online and discovered the shirt was backordered and had never been shipped. They didn't know it had never arrived! Pretty funny.

I have done that in the past - forgotten presents I had hidden, or not been able to find them! I always have plenty of presents though, so it never really mattered!

Gotta go, TTFN and don't forget that TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS EVE!!!

We got our first Christmas surprise this morning...my little Skully had her puppies last night! 5 big brindle babies, although there could be more coming, she's still kinda pudgy. They are so cute! Watch Flickr for pictures!!!
I'm still on the island- no boats yesterday because of the high winds (and bitter cold, I might add). I guess I'm just gonna stay here, I'll be working on Christmas Eve, (I'm in charge of the caroling, we go to nursing homes, etc.) Then I'll take the boat on Christmas morning. Today I'm going out for a run, I don't care how cold it is. Too much time cooped up inside!
3 more puppiessssssssssss! They are so so so cute!!!
Babies and puppies! What could be cuter?
Karen, I often find a present right after I bought a new one for that person. And I just found extra baby socks I bought in Nashville the week of Fan Fair! (forget which baby I was buying a present for)--they are 6 to 12 months but I think they may be too small for Savi? (set of 3, different pastel colors). Heather should I send them to you?

Marcia on an island I'm sure it's terribly cold. I remember so many years ago caroling to "shut ins" as we called them. I so miss that experience.
Oh my, 8 puppies, what to do? Karen had a dog once as a teenager who had 8 puppies, I think. I don't even like to think about it! Eventually we gave them all away including the mother! You can tell I'm not a dog lover! Sorry to admit that. Any way I love the stories, Karen, of missing presents. This year it was cookie cutters. I knew I bought them last year as I needed a tree and a Santa's boot, so after buying another set, I found last year's and returned the new ones to Walmart. After all $1.88 is too much to lose! Marcia, I was thinking of you yesterday and not surprised that the boats weren't running. Hopefully the weather will be better when you plan to leave Christmas day. Hi Nancy--sorry you are so far away, but it sounds like you have some good plans for Christmas. Bye until tomorrow's blog!
Speaking of cancellations due to weather - the 'live nativity' planned at a local church was cancelled due to the bitter cold.

Merry Christmas and Congratulations, Heather, on the new brood!
Oh - and speaking of cookies, I heard a grumbling teenaged girl (is it possible?) telling her mother in Walmart earlier today 'I HATE cookies, I don't know why anyone makes them at Christmas. I HATE COOKIES! I ALWAYS HAVE!'

Sigh... brings back memories...
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