Monday, December 22, 2008


Day 1037 - Nice weekend, but no movie

Greetings, Monday Morning Blah-gers!

Aw, little Savannah is NOT happy in the cold snow! Poor thing!

It is BITTER cold here - only in the teens.

We never made it to that movie yesterday. Drat!

We drove all the way to Opry Mills (over 40 miles), and the newspaper was WRONG - they didn't have the early morning matinee that we like to catch when they schedule them.

That tells me I have to confirm by telephone or online - this is the second time I've noticed that the newspaper is WRONG. Grrrrr....

Anyway - we had a lovely day at home watching football and staying warm. The Tennessee Titans won today, meaning they get home field advantage for the playoffs. Nice, work, Titans!

Are you ready for Christmas yet??? It's almost time!

TTFN and GET READY - Santa is on his way!

Sorry it's so cold for you, most of the time it usually doesn't get very cold down there, does it? Poor Savvy, unhappy snowman.
Savi is still pretty grumpy with her cold. Her nose is all crusted over and she wont let me near it. I bought a humidifier and that's helped at night a lot.
It's 17 degrees this morning and everything is iced over. ick!
Is it terrible that I'm laughing my head off over this photo? Just sent it to my Savi watchers at the office. You have to save this for her when she grows up, it's priceless.
Sorry she has the crusty nose--painful even for adults. Haven't had that since I left Maine.
Savi, you are expressing the way I feel about the snow! Some is OK but not 15" of the white stuff we had yesterday afternoon and throughout the eve! God bless Gil and his handy snowblower! Karen, low fat spaniacopia, what a find! We're about ready for Christmas--just some more food shopping tomorrow and baking tomorrow and Wed, then Christmas eve church services and Aunt Mary Ann and Ray's open house. Their home is total Christmas! The day after Christmas we're off for Prov to see Will, home for Christmas to see his Mom, Lyn, and brothers, and step-Dad, Steve. Heather, hope you can come over with little Savi on Fri afternoon. (Evan knows.) We're returning on Sat so not much time to visit!
Karen, I forgot to mention that Trader Joe's is very popular here. I don't go because it's not close to where I live. They have good stuff, some unusual items and wine prices are good.
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