Saturday, December 20, 2008


Day 1035 - Snow Bunny Savi

Greetings, Bloggy Weekenders!

Just look at this adorable snowsuit - somewhere inside there is little Miss Savannah! I love it!

She looks like a cute little pink balloon!

Love it, love it, love it. I laughed outloud and couldn't wait to put it on the blog.

Are you ready for Christmas yet???

I'm missing water aerobics because I have a cold and need to keep tissues handy - tissues in the pool won't survive! Ha!

Gonna go do some last minute shoppage in between blowing my nose and watching my eyes turn pink.


Isnt that the funniest thing?? She got that from Mike's sister. The outer tag said 12 mo, but the inner tag (and REAL size) was 18 mo. so it's way too big making it even funnier. She's got a drippy head too.. had a terrible time sleeping...I'm exhausted!! Time to shovel the 10+ inches of snow so I can go check on Dad. Ugh!!!!!
10 inches of snow! Eeeek! Glad I don't have to travel until spring! xxxx
10"of snow--Wow! We only had about 4" but tomorrow (Sunday) is the big nor'easter. It's cold here, a high today of 10 degrees! How cute is that little Savi in her new snowsuit! She'll grow into it, Heather, and it looks nice and warm for the winter. Tonight we're going dancing at the Legion Hall--a good band playing 40's music!
She'll grow into it by the time it's too warm for it. It's going up on Ebay, just wanted pics first! =)
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