Monday, December 15, 2008


Day 1030 - Oh No - Monday again!

Greetings, Monday morning Blah-gers!

Miss Savannah's expression says 'Don't whine at ME about Monday, I'm not listening to YOU'.

On MSN this morning I read a little feature about lame excuses people give for not coming to work.

My favorite was the person who said they weren't coming in to work because they were tired and needed to rest up for the company party that evening! Hilarious.

Gotta go look on the web for the present I couldn't find yesterday. TTFN!

i like that picture... She has a sweet face.
She looks so serious in this picture! It IS cute though. She's walking like crazy now. Can go nearly the full length of the living room before plopping back down on her butt. She'll be running by Xmas, you wait!!
Happy Monday! I have a BUSY one...ick.
I'm checking flickr for WALKING photos.
It's too late to even comment, but that little face, Heather, reminds me of you over the years growing up, sort of "I suppose I have to do what you adults want of me".
More walking videos! More walking videos! Especially with the Santa Hat on...
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