Monday, December 08, 2008


Day 1023 - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Greetings, Monday morning Blah-gers!

First - I didn't get a chance yesterday to say 'Happy 9 months old!' to Savannah.

The time has gone by so fast!

Second - meet our new Christmas tree!

I had to work a lot yesterday, and whenever I had a chance, I would also 'work' on the tree and setting out Christmas decorations. (Check out the mantlepiece for example).

For the first time, I have an artificial tree - and I am LOVING IT. This tree was given to us FREE by a lady at my work because I mentioned in a meeting I'd like to find someone who wants to get rid of one. She had recently purchased another Christmas tree, because the lights on this one don't work! (of course, I have lights of my own, since we always had a fresh tree).

This is a 7 foot artificial pine tree, it was effortless to put up, no search for 'just the right tree', no cutting, no trucking, no fighting with the tree stand, no watering, no balancing, no muss, no fuss.

This was the lowest stress tree decorating I have ever had! Thank heavens for that!

No, it doesn't smell like a fresh tree, but Charlie could cut me some pine boughs if I am dying for the fresh pine tree smell.

TTFN and I am SOOOO happy that the house is ready for Christmas! (I'm not ready, but the house is!)

Hey, send me some more pictures of your house, I've never seen the inside...
I LOVE having a fake tree. It is SO easy, and it's already at your house ready to go whenever the mood strikes you to put it up. No freezing your butt off trying to find one that doesn't look like crap and paying a fortune for something that is dead in a week.

Savi had her 9 mo check up today. She's 18lbs, 8 oz. Feels more like 50 lbs!! She'd doing great except for her sleeping...time to start weaning her from nursing to sleep. =(
Karen, Your tree looks beautiful and so does the fireplace and mantel! So cozy and warm and Christmassey! I'll be thinking of you when we get our fresh tree and all that goes with it! Gil is already disgusted with outside lights that don't work (some do and some don't) and our lighted deer only lights on one side so we can't use it! Uncle Ray says he has 4 similarly disabled deer in the barn if we want them! 9 mos old Savi--moving right along towards being a toddler!
Peggy, wonder why the deer lights only on one side? Gil and Ray have a hard life over there.

The tree and room look beautiful, Karen. No tree for me--too much work for just one person. I have my Maine wreath and Christmas cards which will be fine--the City is all lit up and decorated too.
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