Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Day 1018 - MPB - Male Pattern BLINDNESS

Greetings, Bloggy Midweekers!

Here's our darling girl with one of her holiday outfits on...

Not much time to blog this morning, but I can tell a quick story...

Charlie set out his towel this morning and got in the shower.

The towel was a medium green color with embroidered frogs on a strip at the end.

I had already showered, and decided to change them out for fresh ones.

I scooped up his towel and my wet towel for the wash. I replaced his towel with a solid color forest green one.

When Charlie surfaced from the shower, I walked in and he was using the new towel to dry off. I asked 'Notice anything different'?

He surveyed me critically and said 'I don't have my glasses on'.

I said 'You are using a different towel than the one you put down there before - you didn't notice that?' He really studied it and I 'helped' him recall which towel was there before. His defense 'They were green'.

Another case of 'Male Pattern Blindness' bites the dust...

TTFN and have a nice day!

Haha!! In Charlie's defense I may not have realized that either...
Now Karen, do you really WANT a man that pays attention to those details? Think it through, girl!

Anyway, I was looking through the weeks pics and I was so glad to see you caught that amazing ham and cheese smile, even if the forehead is cut off just a bit. Truly the most full faced smile I've ever seen! Incredible. Some kinda smile on that kid.

I too had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Could not have been better. Now I'm just resting up and gearing up for Holiday wreath looks beautiful, Mom.
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