Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Day 1017 - Twofer Tuesday

Greetings, Bloggy Twofers!

Here is Miss Savannah in one of her little Thanksgiving outfits. Cute!

Doesn't she look like an elf in this picture? An adorable little elf!

I sent a few photos around at work. One of my coworkers said she should quit her day job and become Savannahs agent. Ha!

Changing subjects...

I forgot to mention that the other night Charlie talked in his sleep.

He said only one sentence, which was 'I can't keep my mouth shut'. It was funny at the time!

Changing subjects again...

I stopped at the mall after work yesterday afternoon. I hit the ladies room soon after. I passed three kids with their mother, exiting the ladies room.

Evidently the two older kids were teasing the younger one. He stomped out with a mad face and his arms crossed saying over and over again 'NO MONSTERS', 'NO MONSTERS', 'NO MONSTERS'.

I guess they had told him the potty monster was gonna get him, and he wasn't buying it.

By the way - when I was a kid, I would hold my breath and run upstairs till I could turn on the light. For some reason, holding my breath was the protection. Useless, but it worked for me!

As kids, we always held our breaths past cemeteries too... Other people did too - I found a whole web topic about it...


Breathe normally, and TTFN!

She does look like a little elf! Funny! I can't keep her still anymore. The second she is on the floor, she's trying to pull herself up on something to stand and try to walk. She'll be running across the house any day now!!!

Nancy, I'm glad I'm not the only one with red/pink issues. haha!!
I missed yesterday's blog, but love those beautiful "Heather eyes" under that pink hat! And she looks so cute in her brown dress. How we enjoyed seeing her every day of Thanksgiving week! Karen, cute stories as usual, and funny remark by the sleeping Charlie! We had another snow storm over Sun night and yesterday morning--looks about 4"--enough to bring out the plow and have a 2 hr delay for the start of school. The traveling was OK by afternoon when I went up to W Paris to meet the ladies at church to make chocolates. The centers are in the fridge and we'll dip them in chocolate Thurs. and sell them at the craft fair on Sat--quite a production!
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