Monday, July 28, 2008


Day 890 - It's Monday, and I need h-Anger management!

Greetings, Monday morning blah-gers!

Before I say anything about hangers (a.k.a. h-Anger management), would you look at the cutest baby ever, tasting pineapple through a piece of cheesecloth!

She looks as happy as I do eating LOBSTER!

Heather - there will come a time when we can introduce her to lobster and 'the cracking of the shells' process!

But, back to topic - I need -H-anger management, meaning, my hanger situation is totally out of control.

Evil Bloggyman:
Can't you think of anything besides hangers to complain about? What kind of topic is that for the blog, dunce!

Hey - if you are in the same situation I am, you feel my pain... At least I admit it.
  1. I am already using all of my walk in closet and most of the guest room closet.
  2. I continue to find 'deals' at Goodwill and my closet is full of Ronnie Nicole, Liz Claiborne and Chicos.
  3. I keep 'duplicates' of the same style and size of some favorite clothes in plastic cubes, and I am running out of room in the plastic cubes.
  4. I have smaller sizes of some favorite clothes for 'when I will fit into that size'.
  5. I have enough clothes for at least 2 or 3 years, and haven't even worn some of them.
  6. I use the slacks-hanger-tabs on the hangers to layer multiple hangers in descending order.
  7. I am slowly learning to hate the plastic hangers that you can't nest, as well as the dry-cleaner hangers. Those are moving to the guest closet.
  8. I regularly donate clothes that come out of the guest closet back to Goodwill.

So - bloggy darlings - any suggestions?

Oh my goodness! Sounds more like you're being overrun by goodwill shopping!! Not sure if it's REALLY a hanger problem..haha!!!
Purge, purge, purge. It feels so good to get rid of things!
So much for pitcher Ponson. Yanks ought to have yanked him after the first inning, no after the first PITCH. But, I'm happy that Will had a good time, he hardly ever gets to a game. Mike got to see a GREAT game, eh, Heather?

Now one thing I'll say about the clothing that does give me pause. My house was built in the late 40's. I noticed that the closets are small. This shows me that people got by with less back then. Fewer possessions. Fewer choices, fewer complications in life.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided that was a pretty good way to live. I downsized. Now I own only what will fit in my closet, and in my dresser. I was ruthless pitching what I would not use. I had to be in just that mood, believe me. It won't be long before I do it again, because I feel like things are accumulating again. And they do when you live in the same house for a while.

This September I will have lived here TEN years. That is longer than I lived anywhere in my life. Not even where we grew up - 1962 to 1968 and then '68 to '76. AND I've had the same phone number. That is some kind of milestone of stability for me. I haven't even rearranged the furniture.
Turn all of your hangers in the opposite direction. Then after you wear something, when you re-hang it, turn the hanger in the normal direction. In a few months it will be easy to identify the things that need to be re-evaluated or purged because they are still hanging backwards.

You could also use the one in, one out rule.

Both of those really work for me.
I only own what fits well in messy piles on my bedroom floor. Ahhh fun ;)

Great suggestion Jules!
Exactly, Heather -- it's not a hanger problem it's a shopping problem.
Get rid of them and help out others in the process. Besides giving stuff to Goodwill and other organizations, a good place for work clothes are organizations who collect them for women trying to get jobs.
I am talking to myself too--I still have too much stuff. I have lived in the same apartment since 1979 (longest I've lived anywhere too) and you can imagine there's lots to get rid of.
And, so glad Will got to see the Red Sox beat the Yankees!! SF Giants had Ponson for awhile--he has (had?) talent but we didn't keep him long, too erratic.
Well, I'm glad they left Ponson in! And glad Will got to watch it at Fenway! I'm still tired from going to bed at midnight! Karen, I really don't know what to say about having duplicates of some clothes! You probably feel that you get so many bargains, that your clothes budget is still reasonable. Presently I don't have too many clothes as I'm too large for some that I've worn for a few years, so it's pretty slim pickins in my closet! Enjoyed all of comments, and especially the sweet picture of Savannah! Looking forward to seeing Lyn, Steve and the gang tomorrow, and Heather, Savi, and maybe Evan on Wed!
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