Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Day 877 - Nice Moth, Charlie!

Greetings, Bloggy Twofers Tuesdayers!

Yes, I lived through Monday.

Look at this moth (or butterfly?) in the driveway (and yes, there is a grasshopper to the upper right of it).

Anybody know what kind of moth it is? Charlie thought it was a leaf until it moved!

Very scientific presentation with a ruler underneath as well.

We had a nice dinner out with TY and SY for Greek Food last night.

It was so fun to sit and laugh and listen to their belly-dance music. I had wonderful marinated chicken kabobs. We got 10% off with our 'smart card' discount, and we drank all their supply of Blue Moon beer while we were there.

SY gave me some homemade Cracker Jack, which is incredibly good. Thanks so much!

I'm running a bit late this morning, so I won't say more than 'Have a nice Tuesday' and TTFN!

About the moth - I think this is right. When moths land, they lay their wings out flat. When butterflies land, they hold their wings upright and together.

About the belly dancing - yeh, Karen and SY put on a show for us. Yahoo!
That's a Luna Moth - http://www.museum.state.il.us/ismdepts/zoology/collections/lep/?RollID=roll01&FrameID=Actias_luna . We caught one when we were kids and it has always been easy to recognize since. It doesn't look like it has developed the eye spots on its wings yet.
Joe beat me to it. That one does look a bit young.

One I found a few years ago.
Wow that thing is awesome!!!!! All we have is a bunch of nasty mosquitoes from the swamp pool!!
Lovely moth. So happy to see Charlie being so productive in his retirement.
Now I know! Thanks, guys.
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