Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Day 871 - Peter Piper - Come and Get 'Em

Greetings, Bloggy Middlers!

Sorry about all the junk on the table (including a bottle of wine, a box of butterfinger sticks, my orange lunch bag, magazines and bills) EXCEPT for all the peppers, squash, one cuke, and our first garden tomato!

Our green beans were eaten by rabbits, the squash hasn't done well at all this year, BUT the peppers are just going crazy!

That's mother nature for you...

I'll be chopping and freezing the extra green peppers for all the soups, omelettes, chili, and frittatas we eat.

I am really enjoying my hand-held vacuum sealer - it is easy to use and I have vacuum sealed both peppers and blackberries recently.

I brought a garden cucumber with my lunch yesterday, and shared it with a girl who recently started eating vegetarian. I was going to say 'gone vegan' but it sounded too much like 'going postal'. She was overjoyed, and said it was incredible.

Good job, Charlie!

Yummy!!! Maybe I'll have time for a garden next year??? ;)
Allie and Emily are here with me looking at your gorgeous vegetables, Karen! They say Hi! (Tim is with Gil at the dump and other errands.) We're about to go to the pool, but not stay too long as it is 90 degrees outside and humid! That's TN weather! Tomorrow we'll go to Gray Wild Animal park, and Fri to the beach at Reid State Park--lots to do it seems. If you read yesterday's comments you'll see that we enjoyed "Wall-E". Aunt Nancy returned to SF yesterday so she should be on the blog soon.
Just got back from Savi's doctor's appt. Jen came with us for moral support... Savi got 3 shots and an oral vacc. Poor baby. She's sleeping now, brave girl!! She's 14lbs 13oz. 3 lbs from last appt! And she's grown 2 inches from last time too. (I don't have the measurement though.) She's in the 75th percentile. perfect!!!
Off to the hospital for a meeting in a half hour. Hopefully she stays content until that's over. Poor baby =(
I'mm BAAAACCKK--loved all the stories and seeing little savi again.
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