Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Day 801 - It's May Eve (or Mayo Eve?)

Greetings, Bloggy Spring-ers!

This little lamb is one of Savannah's toys. The tag on it says 'Happy Spring'!

Goodbye to April, Hello to May!

We've had frost here two nights in a row. It is 36 degrees, and it will go up 40 degrees today to 76. Can you believe it? That is quite a warmup.

I might be able to lay outside on a lounge chair at the health club this afternoon.

Dream update:

I had a dream last night that I was going to start a new job or return from 'being away'.

The place where I was (and I have no idea where I was, but not here) convinced me (and half kidnapped me) to stay and work on this really old computer that nobody knew how to program anymore. I wasn't sure I knew myself! It used greenbar paper if anyone remembers that stuff.

I had another dream that I was taking care of a bunch of kids under the age of 8 (or they may even have been adoptive kids) and laughing at their antics and creative play.

I wish I remembered more about why I was involved, but I don't!

TTFN and have a nice Wednesday!


Now I AM the lucky one! I saw that little darling smile and just about CHUCKLE (NOT kidding) yesterday when Steve was talking to her. Amazing. !!!!!!!!

Can't WAIT for you to be here Karen!

You know how you will dream my thoughts sometimes Karen, here is the most recent: I'm getting all this pressure at work to sign up for an UNPAID computer training in WORD and EXCEL. Now c'mon. Aren't those both fairly self explanitory and outdated anyway?

I use the computer all the time at work. It is point and click. Oh yes, and make sure it's plugged in.
My little potato sure was amused by Steve yesterday. Very cute!! She had another great night, although getting her to sleep initially was tough last night. She's still snoozing now. So sweet!
I've already gone through one bag of the soybeans...yummy!!! Thanks Mamma!
Aw- I'm jealous! But I'll be there ASAP - tomorrow May begins!
Oops - by the way - Excel and Word are what most people use on Windows PCs. Yes, they are pretty self-explanatory, and No, they are not outdated.
Hi everyone! I'm checking in late. Just finished making reservations for Emily, Allison, and Timmy to come from Chicago to Portland non-stop for our 4th of July gathering which this year will actually be on July 4th. Hope most of you can make it! Savi was always very "taken" by Steve talking to her! Karen, dreams of laughing at children's antics must be preparing you for grandmotherhood!
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