Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Day 800 - How about that?

Greetings, Bloggy Twofers!

It's day 800 on the blog! Whoa!

The HEAT is running inside and it is 35 degrees outside.

Charlie covered the plants in the garden last night but we have no idea if they will make it.

Southerners call it 'Locust winter' when the locust trees are in bloom but it turns cold. 'Dogwood winter' would be when it turns cold and the dogwoods are in bloom.

Here's a picture I haven't posted already, Savannah sleeping in her swing. Cute!

Well, it's 6 already and I haven't packed a lunch yet. Gotta go! TTFN!

It's cold and awful here too. Yuck.
It's the 3rd night in a row that Savi has only woken up once! She slept from 9-3, woke up to eat and fell back to sleep within 20 minutes and is still sleeping now!!! Very exciting. Hopefully it will continue. Gotta get a couple things done before she wakes up. xoxoxo

Yesterday I received those wonderful soy snacks, Karen. thank you! I felt kind of funny getting a present on Marcia's birthday so I didn't blog on. That's the truth!

But Happy Belated Marcia, how'd you get younger than me all of a sudden, Sister? I saw that "42" deal.

Wow, Karen, 800 bloggin days.

Heather, I'm holding your soy nuts hostage till you come over.
What a wonderful way to start the day with a photo of little Savi! Glad to hear she slept all those hours last night, Heather! There's hope for a good night's sleep for you one of these days! Hi Lyn--missed you on the blog yesterday. Karen 35 is cold for you, but pretty normal here! Cold, damp and rainy today, now 40 degrees. Have a good day everyone!
I gots the nuts.......
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