Sunday, April 27, 2008


Day 798 - Sunday and more Swimmage

Greetings, Blogregation!

We've just had our coffee and we're going to go swim.

A little later we are going to check out some 'tax free day' shopping, maybe some new tennis shoes for Charlie.

We may also hit a movie.

Papa Boudreaux's last night was WONDERFUL as always! Our only disappointment was that we missed a crawfish boil they had last weekend! Boo Hoo! Papa B. himself told us they went through 800 pounds of crawfish. We'll have to catch it next year.

By the way - Papa rides an ATV to and from his house to the restaurant when he needs to go get something.

Somehow, we managed to eat our dinners AND have dessert! I don't know how, but we did it. (Roll clip of the 'can't believe I ate the whole thing' commercial).

Three of our party had crawfish and shrimp etouffee', I had shrimp 'n grits with a side filet of catfish, TY had chicken and andouille sausage over linguini with a side of catfish, and SY had catfish St. Jacques over linguini. (not to mention about 6 baskets of bread)

Have a great Sunday and TTFN!

I am dying to try that place out! Gotta hit the road soon for a family vacation! Have a great day! Call me later if you want to play on the Grammy Cammy!
I am amazed to see it's finally starting to sprinkle a little outside. It has been some kind of drought. When you were here it poured, didn't it? Since then, not a darn drop.

We went to our little diner, yesterday with our friends, and it was awesome. Then for an ocean drive. Beautiful.
Would have been better on the bike, but since there were four of us, yep, we took the car!
Hi everyone! I'm back from my overnight church conference up in Millinocket. We three ladies had a good time, and while there we had a beautiful view of Mt. Katahdin still covered with quite a bit of snow. It's 200 miles from here. Gil and I went to church this morning, then had a dinner of pork and gravy, and mashed potatoes, and spinach (Gil likes vinegar on his spinach in a separate dish, and I've found I like it too), and gingerbread and whipped cream for dessert. This afternoon I'm going to a mtg of the Oxford County Democrats. The program includes 2 speakers for Clinton and Obama. Should be interesting. Glad to hear SaviLynn likes visiting her Daddy at his work! And it's good to see you back on the blog, Lyn, with news of your interesting life! Tomorrow is Marcia's birthday--I won't say which one, except that she is 20 yrs younger than I'll be as of next month!
Well, let's say that I'm 42 and you're 62.....
Hahaha! Nice...good ages. Happy Early Bday Marcia! xoxoxo
oops, I wound up as anonymous
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