Sunday, April 20, 2008


Day 791 - No time to blog while the sun shines

Greetings, Blogregation! It's Sunday already!

Sunday story - yesterday I was behind a car with a vanity plate something like 'HVNBND'.

My first thought was 'Haven Bound?' Where is the Haven?' until I realized it meant 'Heaven Bound'. Sounds overconfident if you ask me! Ha!

No time for bloggage AGAIN, apologies in advance.

Charlie and I are leaving shortly for the health club, and maybe going for a hike later. It's supposed to be low 70's here, and maybe 80 later in the week.

Have a nice Sunday! TTFN!

Happy Sunday! Savi's napping after a long, restless night. Taking her to visit my friend Jenn today. Will be nice to get out of the house!!! Enjoy the day!
We know SaviLynn enjoys visiting! We're doing a little outside work, plus the Red Sox/Texas Rangers game is on this afternoon. Karen, I think it is only in the South one would see "Heaven Bound" as a number plate!
Karen, I was watching an Oprah re-run last night--Mariah Carey was on, attributing her new physique to working out in her swimming pool(not to mention her chef and nutrition/excercise personal trainer).
Did you feel the earthquake?

Peggy, the Red Sox are doing a lot better than our Giants!
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