Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Day 787 - Midweek and Midlife

Greetings, Bloggy Midweekers!

This is Savannah in her little portable bed that folds up into a square that looks like a booster seat.

She looks squashed, but she isn't.

We had a frost last night (and Apr 15 is supposed to be the last freeze date for the South) and the night before.

By the weekend, it may hit 80 degrees. I have GOT to get some hot weather clothes out of the closet and wash them before then!

Charlies tomato seedlings didn't make it, and he had even moved them to the barn! Freeze, then boil. Freeze, then boil.

So - did everyone get their taxes filed? Hope so! Most of the folks at work told me they had mailed them out long ago like we did.

Charlie made us a big fritatta (dinner omelet) for supper last night - it was AWESOME. I am liking his retirement just fine, thank you very much.


It's f-f-frrreeezinggg this morning!
Looking like Spring, feeling like Winter. We filed, received our return and spent the cash already.
Not too much this year, no kids. No earned income credit. Guess you could say K-Mart got my dough in a blue light special.

Hey Heather, when are we going to see you and our little sweety? Let's take her for a stroll around the park! I'll push!
Steve saw two awful mothers walk by the other day, one was cursing about her little boy. Steve wanted to curse at her. It is so hard to understand a hard heart. We can't all be daughters of Mazie...
I'm sorry about the death of Charlie's little seedlings. They tried their best.
It's a beautiful 64 degrees today. Savi's napping after a long ride w/ Grandpa today. He drove us around doing errands. yay! Maybe when she wakes up we'll go outside for a while.
Yes Lyn, we'll come by to visit soon, I promise!
I have not filed my return, I like to avoid any reminder that I pay 28% of my income in taxes. (violins please!!) I always get an extension even though I usually get a refund. How stupid is that? And I don't even do them myself.

Back to a happy subject, little Savi is always a touch of spring!
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