Sunday, April 06, 2008


Day 777 - Gotta go SWIM!

Greetings, Blogregation!

I am back in Tennessee, which means Charlie and I will be leaving shortly to go swim.

It also means I'm back in the land of church signs. One that I passed yesterday on the way home said 'When prayers go UP, blessings come DOWN'.

We know who we are blessed with!

This is the last picture I took yesterday, Savannah sleeping in her great-grammy Peggy's arms.

I took about 100 pictures, and need to get rid of any blurry ones.

Today I need to get organized, hit Sams Club and the supermarket.

Have a nice Sunday! Heather, maybe we can do a Grammy Cammy sometime later! I miss everyone already!


Loved all the Savi pictures! Yes we can do a Grammy Cam later, I'll be home!! We miss you!!!! xoxoxo
We miss you too! Very much! Heather and SaviLynn just left, and I'm leaving after reading the blog; meeting friends for brunch then hitting the turnpike to Maine. Gil is waiting! That is a sweet picture of SaviLynn sleeping. She wasn't as happy this morning without her Grammy GiGi--she's missing you! Lyn is back to work today, so Steve has been helping us entertain the baby.
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