Thursday, April 03, 2008


Day 774 - Thursday already!

Greetings, Bloggy Workin' for the Weekenders!

Big news - Savannah is 4 weeks old today. Happy one month anniversary, Savannah!

It's Thursday already, I can't believe it. The week is going by too fast! I have to print my boarding passes tomorrow afternoon, boo hoo!

We had another nice day yesterday - spent time with Heather, Savannah and Evan, watched a Red Sox game, and had Chinese food for lunch (Chow mein, lo mein, moo shu, egg rolls, fried rice). We also took a walk to Dunkin Donuts for iced coffees. The weather here is cool and windy.

Later this morning I am accompanying Heather to her doctors appointment (I get to hold Savannah while she is seeing the doctor), and we're going to Mike's Mom's for dinner.

Have a nice day and TTFN!

We're happily awaiting Heather and Savannah Lynn's arrival this morning for a little visit before they head off with GiGi for Heather's doctor's appmt. Karen added that adorable picture of the baby after I had made my comment on yesterday's blog. She is so incredibly cute! That's all there is to say, I guess here in Savannah Land!
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