Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Day 456 - It's Consecutive Number Day!

Greetings, Bloggy Chronological-Orderers! It's Day 456!

That little consecutive number thing makes today just a tad more special. Why? I dunno, it just DOES.

Think of all the 'number' things we do every day. We look at numbers on just about everything, and write numbers on just about any form, and of course on CHECKS!

Speaking of NUMBERS, I received an AUDIT notice from unemployment questioning that I had received earned income during my period of unemployment last year. Oh, great.

I called the auditor and explained that I received SEVERANCE, not INCOME, and he said he'd straighten it out, and sent me a letter to that effect. I hope that's that, or I can imagine getting more of these notices for the rest of my life...

Did I tell you I already got my somewhat-late-filed income tax refund? They processed it in about 3 weeks. Well done, IRS.

Well, that's all the news - I want to get to work early this morning so I can leave at a reasonable time and go swim. It's expected to be EIGHTY-SEVEN DEGREES this afternoon. HOT.

TTFN and happy Twofer Tuesday!

Hi Karen,

I like it when numbers line up too! I'll bet there is a word for it. There is a word for when numbers are the same forwards and backwards - I can't remember the word! I used to know it years ago when my phone # was 647-7746. That was COOL, just random. If I think of the word, I'll write in again. Anyone else know it? Have a beautiful 5/22/07. Hey, that didn't line up at all! I'm going back to 5/6/78 (guess I'll graduate High School while I'm back there... We can sit at Dave's Pot Belly afterward, and Mom can tell Buddy Cianci who was sitting at the booth behind us "my daughter just graduated high school tonight!")
The word is palindrome - when a word or a number is the same forward as backward. Like the word "racecar." Wahoohaw!
Aww, Lyn beat me to it! I knew that word. That'll teach me for waiting so long to read da blog! ;)
Happy Tuesday! xoxo
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