Monday, May 21, 2007


Day 455 - Monday - Ooops!

Greetings, Bloggy Work-Weekers!

I just hit a few keys and published the blog by accident, more in a few minutes!

Maybe my week will be 'fumble-fingered' - maybe it's a sign...

Cracker Barrel tonight, that's something to look forward to!

Congratulations to our friends TY and SY - their daughter was married on Saturday. The newlywed couple can officially make pet names for each other - for example..

Charlie keeps laughing because I called him a 'hairy pile of testosterone' the other day. I think he's proud of it.

Quote of the Day:
I grew up with a lot of boys. I probably have a lot of testosterone for a woman. Cameron Diaz

Have a nice Monday everyone! TTFN!

I like Charlie's 'pet name' adorable..haha! We have our refinance closing this morning, so we're waiting for the people to get just called & is running 20 minutes late. ERRR...
Have a good Monday! xoxoxo
I want to hear more about the hairy pile of testosterone.
Hi Lyn and Heather - what more can I say? I was just telling the truth. Okay, a walking hairy pile of testosterone, maybe?
That is a lovely visual. Tony liked it too...haha!
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