Saturday, May 19, 2007


Day 453 - It's Freezing Here!

Greetings, Bloggy Frost-Biters!

It is THIRRRRRRTY-NINE frozen degrees outdoors this morning in Late May! Holy Moly!

It is only 64 in the house, it's chilly!

Sorry about the blurry photo this morning, but I'm having a hard time finding a picture of the new soda - Pepsi Summer Mix.

I noticed it the last time I went to the grocery store, and it made me look twice.

To ME, it sounds like someone took the idea from Pete's Wicked Summer Ale and Sam Adams Summer, etc. and applied it to soda. No, I haven't tried it and I probably won't, either.

I just thought it was interesting that we have SOOO many flavors of soda already, but we need ANOTHER flavor just during the summer. Okay. The life of promotions and marketing.

Charlie and I are going to a fish fry this afternoon - it is expected to be high 70's by that time. Whew. That's good, because I've had enough of this global warming! TTFN!

Global warming has made it cold and rainy and windy here. Go figure. Then it will probably switch over to being too hot. Go figure. Have a nice fish fry.
It's MISERABLE weather here too! Yucky! Ready for the sun to come back out. Grammy is coming over later today, Evan too, I think!
Have a nice day! xoxoxo
Karen, we were commenting about the temp in Nashville being 63 at 10 this morning, so sorry, no sympathy from freezing New England (50 and feels 40, no sun). I'll be leaving Lyn's soon (have enjoyed being here very much), stopping at Heather's and getting back to Maine in time for the Legion supper and dance. Gil will be happy! (Me, too!)
Hi Karen, funny, just as we were checking the BLOG, Steve was looking at the Nashville weather on the laptop and we were wishing we were there...we thought...what?
Could this weather report be so off? It says warm and wonderful! Karen says cold and crummy! I think it is kinda crummy here. Gotta go help Mom get her stuff into the car... Boo hoo!
Hi Everyone! It was cold this morning, but not crummy. Sorry for the misunderstanding. It's a lovely blue sky day, just was cold the last few nights and colder than usual in daytime too. xxxx
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