Monday, May 07, 2007


Day 441 Again - You're on Your Own

Greetings, Bloggy Click-and-Post-ers!

You are on your own while I am at my conference - this is just a reminder to use the comments to talk to each other (quietly) while I am gone. I won't have time to write in the morning because I am going out the door at (gasp) 5:15am. EEEk!

I will try to say Hi from Seattle, time and computer access permitting.

Have a great rest-of-the-week and I'll be back LATE Friday night. Blog at ya on Saturday.

TTFN! Love you bye!

Have a great time! We'll miss you and the blog!!! ;)
Hi everyone! I am here, safe and sound - I don't have time to write the blog, but HELLO and I had a nice day - went to the Pikes Place market where the fishmongers THROW the fish to each other while an audience looks on. Very fun. TTFN!
Sounds VERY cool!!! Glad you're there safe...have lots of fun! xoxo
Hi there! Having a great time and eating all the time in between training sessions. Today's lunch- fruit, salad, pasta salad, proscuitto ham and provolone on baguettes - YUM. Lots of desserts. Tonight - musical extravaganza and free admission to the Sci-fi museum! Wahoo! xxx
Come on home Mamma! We're ready for da blog to return! Glad you had a nice time! xoxoxoxo
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