Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Day 436 - Midweek is here again!

Greetings, Bloggy Middlin's!

Let's see which sister posts comments first today.

I can picture the mad scramble to the computer, feet pounding down the steps like Christmas morning...

This photo is entitled 'Staggering Down the Steps' - it's probably more appropriate for sisters OUR age. Wherever that is, it looks neat!

So... what's happening 'wit-chew' this fine morning?

I haven't mentioned swimming because my local pool is CLOSED for maintenance till Friday, drat!

With my ear infection the pool is probably off limits anyway, but I could have done water aerobics in the shallow end. I've been trying to do some walking (or staggering) every day.

My 'oh gosh I'm busy' project is going well, I think I am getting caught up. If I do catch up, I need to change gears and finish the other project I put on hold to GET caught up. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Next Tuesday morning I leave for a computer conference in Seattle, WA for the rest of next week. Warning, warning, I doubt very much that I will blog from there...

Hey Joe - is anyone going from my former department?


...and it's lucky lyn by a nose! Clearly a photo phinish!
Now to page six. Which young beauty in a blue sports car was seen pulling into Papa Gino's yesterday, unaccompanied and with a hungry gleam in her eye? This one attracts attention wherever she goes!
WHAT?? You are all cracking me up! Where's our Island girl? Well, I win the #2 spot! Yay Me! Have a good Wednesday!! xoxoxoxo
I see there was also some vying over who was to be the LAST to wish you a very happy May Day there, Karen. Now it appears the key happiness is to move far away and start a BLOG.
Even so, I am very happy to have found your blog, at last, Karen, amid the hub-bub, and do enjoy it immensely. Great pic today! I have NO idea where you find these things, but from the wellspring of your amazingly imaginative mind, I am constantly impressed...and delighted.
hmmm....give this blog its just deserts and everyboddy screws
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